Two Shot West Goes La La Land

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Director Scott Rice recently tackled the musical in Musical Number for R&R Partners and the Utah Transit Authority. Acclaimed Hollywood choreographer Jason Myhre took a break from Paula Abdul’s latest tour to work on the spot. Utah Valley University dancers filled out the Salt Lake City cast, and the Provo High School flag team also lent a hand. Go behind the scenes to see Scott Rice and crew in action.

10 Years Empowered

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This year marks Scott Rice’s 10 year anniversary directing Parents Empowered’s anti-underage drinking campaign for R&R Partners. Pathways features motion control which allowed for a character to be cloned onscreen. Incredulous and In Reverse (which takes place almost entirely in reverse motion) round out the campaign. Two Shot West congratulates R&R Partners’ group creative director Kyle Curtis on creating over 30 Parents Empowered PSAs and counting. The initiative has reduced underage drinking in the state of Utah by over 40%.

HuffPost Premieres “Tunnel”

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The Huffington Post premiered Scott Rice’s music video END OF THE TUNNEL featuring 15 year-old singer-songwriter Madison McWilliams. Of her work, HuffPost states: “McWilliams blends elements of pop, pop rock, jazz, R&B and blues into an inimitable sound that features cogent melodies, wonderful harmonies and McWilliams’ pyrotechnic vocals.” Embracing the song’s thematics, Rice chose to finish the music video in stark black and white.

Mighty Coconut Pushes Animation Boundaries

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Collider has named Mighty Coconut one of six animation studios that are pushing the boundaries of the industry. Dave Trumbore states, “Mighty Coconut felt like the freshest studio of the bunch, the underdog, the scrappy upstart with big ambitions and a pipeline of projects that are poised to shine the spotlight on the Austin, Texas studio.” Full article. Two Shot West recently partnered with Mighty Coconut to bring its animation expertise to the commercial world.

Jeff Nichols Wraps “Script to Screen”

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“Script to Screen” with Matthew McConaughey wrapped this spring with Jeff Nichols (LOVING, TAKE SHELTER) visiting class for a total of nine hours. The award-winning writer-director (who is currently prepping ALIEN NATION for Fox) took students on a deep dive into his indie classic MUD starring McConaughey as the title character. McConaughey himself visited class via video from the Cleveland set of his next film WHITE BOY RICK. Two Shot West’s Scott Rice teaches the course at the University of Texas at Austin.